Limited Edition Pastel Wall Art by award winning artists


All of our art prints are produced on 190gsm Enhanced Matte Art Paper.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (signed and numbered by the artist) and is despatched worldwide by Australia Post.

Pastel Art Prints

Pastel art has been popular since the Renaissance, gaining increased notoriety during the 18th century, when many famous artists adopted it as their medium of choice for portrait painting. Pastel art bridges the divide between drawing and painting; delivering a deep, luscious texture, possessed of wondrous and delightful colours. The pastel art process is closer in technique to drawing rather than painting, giving artists the capacity to create stunning and beautiful images that present such rich, vivid colours.

Pastel Art Prints is the culmination of years of pastel painting by a dedicated and elite group of award winning Australian artists. Motivated by the beauty in the world that surrounds us all, our artists have created a selection of paintings that are both exquisite and joyful. Their wonderful pastel art works cover subjects such as animals, beaches, boats, birdspeoplelandscapes and still life.

Pastel Art Prints is an exclusive, boutique web site. Our artists face a rigorous selection process before their work is accepted and each painting we include is only ever reproduced (to order) as one of a strictly limited number.  Once printed, each painting conforms to standard international framing dimensions.  That means each print fits within a standard size frame (with or without a mount). Such frames are readily available from any number of retail outlets.

Pastel Art Prints is both proud and delighted to present you with an exclusive selection of images from a select group of very talented artists and we hope that you will take the time to browse through our selection. Perhaps you will find a gift for a loved one or decide to add stunning piece of wall art to your own home or office.

In any case, thank you for visiting our web site.

Each print is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.