Pastel Art

From the Veggie Patch and Fruit & Fabric

I am a great collector of interesting fabrics (it’s a passion I developed from when I studied Textiles at Art College ) and both these paintings were inspired by the fabric design.

The Veggie Patch was great fun to create. I purchased the same vegetables that were in the actual fabric design and at first I wasn't sure If It would work as I thought It might be confusing but somehow the composition gelled and the Veggies ‘popped out’ from the background.

I did the same thing with Fruit and Fabric but this time I managed to match the colours of the fruit to the background fabric. Paintings of this nature are quite labour intensive but patience pays off and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Kate Collins

 Limited edition prints of From the Veggie Patch are available  here

Limited edition prints of From the Veggie Patch are available here

Fruit and Fabric.jpg

Limited edition prints of Fruit and Fabric are available here.

Pastel Art

Artist Linda Finch introduces us to 'A Colourful Character.'

I was walking along the banks of the Yarra River near Warrandyte one morning when the sight of a beautiful Rosella caught my eye.

He was perched on a branch of a flowering gum tree and holding on for dear life as it was particularly windy day.

With his feet firmly planted on a branch and his claws wrapped underneath, he looked like he was enjoying some sort of white knuckle carnival ride, as the tree rocked and swayed in the blustery wind.

By the same token, he seemed almost oblivious to the conditions, as he stared back at me with a look of confidence that bordered on indifference.

Perhaps he knew full well just how striking and beautiful he was - his glorious, colourful plumage a veritable celebration of native fauna.

He puffed out his chest with pride, his rich, red breast contrasting with the gold, green and blue of his feathers and tail.

He was such a delightful subject to paint. A magnificent combination of colours set amidst a beautiful native gum tree.

There were so many colours and shades to capture, together with the cheeky personality of the bird himself.

 Limited edition prints of 'A Colourful Character' are available  here .

Limited edition prints of 'A Colourful Character' are available here.

Art, Pastel Art

Eagle's Nest

A unique and beautiful pastel painting

A modern discovery in Victoria’s Goldfields

The township of McIntyre lies in the heart of Victoria’s Goldfields district, about an hour’s drive west of Bendigo.

Artist Linda Finch holidayed there for several years. Her family camping in its quiet rural surrounds for a week or so at a time.

Linda often walked for miles along its isolated bush tracks and trails, revelling in the rustic splendour of the Australian bush. No doubt seeking inspiration in its solitude and delighting in its rural grandeur.

For ten years she strolled past the same tall, dead gum tree. There was nothing particularly spectacular or unique about the tree, save for the fact it housed an aged and disused nest, wedged in a fork of its gnarled and weathered branches.

When the state’s prolonged drought finally broke and the rains returned, the landscape was transformed. A celebration of colour burst forth and the bush itself seemed born again.

While walking past that same dead tree, Linda noticed a mass of sticks and twigs piled on the ground beneath her feet.

She looked up to see the nest had been recently renovated and extended, just as a magnificent Wedge Tail Eagle swooped over her head.

Three weeks later she returned to McIntyre. She strolled along that same path and stood beneath the same tree.

 Limited edition prints of Linda Finch's pastel painting Eagle's Nest are available  here .

Limited edition prints of Linda Finch's pastel painting Eagle's Nest are available here.

This time the nest had a new tenant. A new born, fluffy white chick was pecking at a rabbit carcass its parents had recently placed on the side of the nest.

While she delighted in her discovery, Linda soon realised that she too was wearing a fluffy white jumper and that (from a distance) she could be mistaken for an eagle chick herself - a sibling that had perhaps fallen from the nest.

Rather than risk a case of mistaken identity, she took some photos and was soon on her way.

These days, her beautiful pastel painting Eagle’s Nest serves as a lasting memory of a unique and exciting experience.

Framed and Hung

Beautiful Pastel Art Prints on Display

Frame Up Picture Framers in Mornington

 I drove across the peninsula to Mornington earlier today, to see and inspect the new window and shop display that Frame Up Picture Framers has created to showcase and present some of Emily Holsman’s beautiful pastel art prints.

Frame Up is presenting a number of Emily’s 16 x 24 inch prints in wonderful timber frames, each with a slightly different element to the inner portion of the frame itself that accentuates the individual colour and character of each painting.

Prints featured in the exhibition include Into the Blue, Drifting, The Simple Life, Bucket List, Tranquillity, Pride of Place, Sun, Surf & Sand and Bathing Box Beauties.

As striking and delightful as each of these images are, this exercise has demonstrated the value of that a good quality picture frame brings to equation. As I commented to Emily myself only this morning, I am sure it is worth anyone replicating the investment they make in a print itself, having the image professionally framed. The end result achieves such a striking and eye catching outcome - one that is sure to enhance the interior of anyone’s home or office.

Mornington is a very appropriate venue to display Emily’s work as so many of her paintings featured local seascapes and landmarks. Everything from the area’s unique and colourful bathing boxes to racehorses exercising on the sands of Balnarring Beach and the wonderful pelicans and yachts that populate the Hastings marina.

Frame Up has been framing Emily’s original paintings for several years now and theirs is an association that is sure to keep paying dividends well into the future.

Happily Emily was delighted with the display and very excited at the increased awareness it is likely to generate for her work.

Needless to say all of the images included in the Frame Up exhibition are available as limited edition prints from Pastel Art Prints.


Emily Holsman's beautiful art prints on display at Frame Up Picture Framers in Mornington.


Progressive Image Videos

Emily Holsman Paintings

Animal Art Prints on You Tube 

We recently launched our own You Tube Channel with a number of progressive image videos of paintings by artist Emily Holsman.

The first video we posted shows the evolution and development of various Animal paintings to their beautiful and stunning conclusion.

Images featured include Anticipation,  Abbey and Artiste, Bengal Majesty and Bucket List.

Each painting starts out as a basic charcoal outline before we see that Emily has gradually applied various layers of colour and pastel.

The video effectively shows a sequence of images that presents the progression of each painting.

It is a fascinating study of the process behind the creation of a beautiful pastel painting and one that we hope might give you a greater appreciation of the tremendous skill and dedication that our artist possess.

Welcome Kate Collins

Award winning pastel artist

From the United Kingdom to the Yarra Valley

We are delighted to welcome award winning artist Kate Collins to the Pastel Art Prints artist roster.

Kate is originally from the United Kingdom where she studied Art and Design at Stourbridge College. 

After immigrating to Australia, she enrolled at Melbourne’s Botanical Art School before completing a course in Botanical Drawing at Peninsula TAFE.

She now lives in the beautiful Upper Yarra Valley - an environment that provides a constant source of inspiration for her work.

Kate has won numerous awards and had several articles published in Australian Artist magazine.

She is a member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, Pastel Society of Victoria and Warburton’s ARTrageous Painters’ Group.

Calling all pastel artists

We recently reached out to a select number of award winning Pastel Artists inviting them to feature their work on the Pastel Art prints web site.

I am happy to say the response was very positive and we have already arranged a couple of meetings.

We very much look forward to featuring the work of these very talented pastel artists on the web site in the coming weeks.