Still Life Pastel Paintings

Wall Art that is both wonderful and inspiring

Still life paintings bring the beauty and simplicity of everyday life into your home or office.

From colourful, vibrant images to more subdued tones, much of our still life wall art reflects a great love of the beach and water, such as Emily Holsman's painting 'Becalmed’ - an image that represents her very own dream home.

We also have a number of floral paintings that bring the beauty of the outdoors into any interior, together with some wonderful and charming offerings, such as Linda Finch’s delightful creation ‘Dancing on the Line.’ 

If you are looking for a truly unique still life painting that will introduce colour, character and brightness to any room, a limited edition art print from Pastel Art Prints is an excellent choice. 

Importantly, each print we offer for sale is limited to 300 copies and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and numbered by the artist.