Venetian Dawn

A beautiful pastel painting

Venice in pastel

Wonderful, colourful, vibrant, fascinating and inspiring.

I first visited Venice in an era that pre-dated mobile phones, computers and digital cameras.

It was also a lifetime from when I began painting.

Many years later I was looking through some old photo albums, hoping to find some inspiration for a new painting.

I opened one particular album and stared in disbelief and dismay at every image.

Each and every photo had turned to sepia and all of the original colours were lost.

A photographer colleague did his best to retouch the photo I wanted to use but he was never able to recapture anything like the original image.

Ultimately, I re-created the colours, reflections and mood from memory.

There is nothing quite like overcoming a challenge or two when it comes to creating a painting.


 Limited edition prints of Venetian Dawn are available  here .

Limited edition prints of Venetian Dawn are available here.