A Pastel Painting of Balnarring Beach

Mornington Peninsula

I liked this scene so much that I have painted it twice - a few years apart.

The earlier pastel was exhibited in my first ever art show that was held at a lovely, historic homestead in nearby Somers. Rather a big moment for me.

The second painting was very different to its predecessor. 

For a start, I had become a lot more adventurous with colour over time and I also wanted to add something to enhance the image.


I played around with the idea of dolphins for a while, painting them in and out of the scene, but ultimately decided they looked too contrived.

I then did the same with a few different boats, before finally settling on the one that which captured the look and feel I was after.

This painting was purchased by the Women's Auxiliary Committee of a local hospital.

If I had a greater love for spending time in hospitals I may well have gone in search of it by now.