Into The Wind

 Limited edition prints of 'Into The Wind' are available  here.

Limited edition prints of 'Into The Wind' are available here.

Horse riding on the beach

A pastel painting of Balnarring 

I clambered over the dunes at Balnarring Beach early one morning, chasing a better view of the horse and rider.

I had been following them for quite a while, hoping they would stop at some point. Just long enough for me to take some photos. But they continued to canter along the sand, vanishing into the distance, as quickly as they had appeared.

I began to wonder whether I should simply head back home, when suddenly I saw them again - beautiful and majestic, standing quietly on the sand and facing out to sea.

I watch intently, fascinated as the rider tried to coax her mount into the water. But despite all her efforts, each time the gentle waves broke on the shore, the horse simply shied away.

It might not have been the rider's lucky day but it proved to be mine, as I was able to capture my experience that morning and create a pastel painting that I really enjoy and one that I sincerely hope others will as well.