Soul Mates

A pastel painting of a man and his dog

Best friends forever

I studied my initial  charcoal sketch of the man sitting at the edge of a waterhole and instinctively knew something was missing.

A dog?

I liked the idea of a Border Collie, so I sketched in the shape. It didn't look right.

At the time my former partner's best mate had a Doberman, but that wasn't the image I had in mind either.

Limited edition prints of 'Soul Mates' are available here.

Limited edition prints of 'Soul Mates' are available here.

I flicked through some books with photos of dogs and eventually came across one of a Kelpie. I sketched it into the scene. 'Yes' I thought, 'this one belongs.'

Some time later, I decided to phone my friend Richard. We had lost contact years ago. I told him about the finished painting and sent him an art card of the image. When he phoned me back, he sounded very pleased and excited. 'I love this painting' he said, 'and I love the dog. I really love the dog. For some reason, I don't have a single snapshot of that dog. I just didn't take any.'