A painting destroyed by fire

Recreated in pastel

David had bought the original pastel painting of 'Tranquillity' when it was on exhibit at one of the local galleries.

 Limited edition prints of 'Tranquillity' are available  here.

Limited edition prints of 'Tranquillity' are available here.

Some time later, I was very surprised to get a phone call from him one evening. I was even more surprised to hear what he had to say. 'Tranquillity' had been destroyed in a house fire and he asked 'Was there any way I would agree to do another painting of it for him?'

I felt very sad hearing of its loss, as I feel every painting is an expression and a part of me. A part of my soul. On the other hand, I was buoyed and excited at the prospect of creating the image again and I fairly leaped at the opportunity.

From the outset, it was very important to me to avoid looking at any photos of the original painting, as I wanted to create an image that was fresh, authentic and painted from the heart.

As I applied each layer of pastel, the image began to take shape. It had a certain familiarity to it but very its own identity all the same.

When I later met David to give him the finished painting, I think this was something he very much appreciated.