A pastel painting of the Bay of Islands

New Zealand

I had never been to the Bay of Islands before, but my former partner (being a Kiwi who had lived on the north island for many years) knew it well.

 Limited edition prints of 'Russell' are available  here .

Limited edition prints of 'Russell' are available here.

By the time we arrived in 'Russell' it was very dark and very cold. It had been a long day, stopping to see the sights on our way from Auckland and I was exhausted.

We settled into our comfortable guest house for the night, not venturing out until the following day. For me it was a strange and disorienting experience. I had absolutely no idea of my surroundings and could just as easily have been wearing a blindfold.

I awoke the next morning, walked into the lounge room and drew back the curtains, staring in disbelief at the magical scene before me. I wondered if I was dreaming. I never imagined I was staying in a place of such enchantment and beauty.

I was immediately motivated to paint the beautiful scene that was presented before me. It had such a wonderful combination of light and shade, of colour and texture, yet everything seemed to exist in a delicate and balanced visual harmony.

My painting became a treasured souvenir of a wonderful time.