A Pastel Painting of Flinders

Mornington Peninsula

Every so often, I drive to Flinders - a pretty seaside village that is about fifteen minutes from my place. Less if I put my foot on the gas.

It is a lovely road to travel, with undulating hills on one side and the sea on the other.

I usually head to the Flinders General Store first, to check my stock of art cards, prints and original paintings. After that I go down to the pier, camera in hand.

On this particular day I was admiring the colourful assortment of boats moored close to the pier.

I turned around to look in the opposite direction and noticed a solitary sailing boat set against the backdrop of the cliffs.

I remember being struck by just how lovely and simple the scene was and I knew right there and then that it would one day become a painting.

Limited edition prints of 'Anoora' are available here.

Limited edition prints of 'Anoora' are available here.