Leisure Time

Beautiful Pelicans in Pastel

Lakes Entrance

This painting was a commission for a friend,

It was based on one of my earlier images and set in Lakes Entrance. A place that my former partner and I had discovered (much to my delight) was a pelican paradise.

The commission was to be a birthday present for a good friend of my friend.

My brief was to show two pelicans in 'communion,' watching a scene unfold before them. The idea was to symbolize their friendship.

I searched through my pile of pelican photographs and spent a considerable amount of time playing around with various possibilities while developing outlines on a sketch pad.

I am very pleased to say that my friend was delighted with her commission as was her friend.

 Limited edition prints of 'Leisure Time' are available  here .

Limited edition prints of 'Leisure Time' are available here.