The Mornington Peninsula and Me

Merricks Beach

A home away from home

When I was 8 years old, my parents bought a block of land at Merricks Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, where they built a holiday house - or at least the builder did.

The house was a simple, solid construction with big windows, walls lined with bare masonite and a straw ceiling.

There was a rainwater tank, a very noisy water pump that routinely startled visitors and a tiny shower with such poor water pressure that standing under it wearing a jumper would have been wise.

Across the road from the house were a number of paddocks where sheep and cows routinely grazed.

When the tide was out we could see the rock pools through our lounge room window, as we were only 5 minute's walk from the beach.

It was not long before this wonderful place became my much treasured home away from home.