Safe Harbour

A pastel painting of Flinders Pier

A wonderful old Pilot Boat

When I was a child, I was afraid to walk along Flinders Pier, because there were such wide gaps between the weathered planks and I could see the water below.

These days I am fascinated by the boats moored alongside, such as this wonderful old pilot boat.

I was talking to the manager of the Flinders General Store recently, when she told me that a woman had called into the store, hoping that she might be able to find a card for her grandfather. 

She had driven from Melbourne and was on her way to his 80th birthday party. 

Having spotted a stand displaying some of my art cards, she started scrolling through them when she was astonished and delighted to to find a copy of 'Safe Harbour.'

Apparently her grandfather had been the captain of that very same pilot boat for many years until his retirement.

 Limited edition prints of 'Safe Harbour' are available  here .

Limited edition prints of 'Safe Harbour' are available here.