An ocean outlook in pastel

Over the sea and far away

This painting began with the image of a pretty veranda overlooking some trees.

 Limited edition prints of 'Horizons' are available  here.

Limited edition prints of 'Horizons' are available here.

Over time it evolved into something remarkably different.

After the initial charcoal drawing and first layer of pastel, I had the nagging feeling that this was not the scene I wanted to paint at all.  It was a feeling that would not go away.

Would I put the painting aside until some time in the future or would I make changes to the original scene?

Before long I had painted myself in, followed by my two dogs. And at varying intervals I made changes to the veranda itself (removing the side of the house) and bit by bit I opened up the background for a full sea view,

I soon became aware that this was a scene I needed to paint. A scene that symbolizes both what I have lost and what I hope to find again in the future.