Morning Light

A view over the ocean in pastel

A window into the past

Limited edition prints of 'Morning Light' are available here.

Limited edition prints of 'Morning Light' are available here.

Although I am a great tree lover, my affinity for the sea is more magnetic in its attraction. As a consequence, I changed the original background to the subject of this painting to reflect this.

'Morning Light' has always held a special significance for me. Perhaps because it was my first 'Still Life' and perhaps also because it reminds me of my maternal grandmother.

She was a wonderful woman. Strong, gentle and compassionate with a great deal of courage and wisdom.

Fortunate qualities, given her life was as challenging as it was rich.

I wanted to present a gentle union of pastel colours in this painting and blend the elements in the foreground into the sea.

This image is a subtle homage to my grandmother.

I have inherited much from her.