A pastel painting of my dream home

Pastels, boats and the sea

There was a time in my life when I could wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen and look out over the trees and the sea.

How I loved that house. I could have lived there forever, but life had other plans.

So for the time being, creating my pastel painting 'Becalmed' will have to suffice.

 Limited edition prints of Becalmed are available  here.

Limited edition prints of Becalmed are available here.

I am not an architect but I wanted to create a pastel image with the construction of a room that matched the vision I had in my mind. There didn't seem much point in painting a room that looked as if it was about to fall over.

I had a rough idea of the interior furnishings and colours that I wanted to include, although these continued to evolve throughout the course of the painting.

As is  often the case with me, I will paint something in and if it doesn't quite work, I will brush it off and try something different.

Such was the case with this painting, which represents something of a snap shot of my dream home.

Naturally my dream home would have at least one room that looked out over boats and water.