A pastel painting of racehorses on the beach

Balnarring Beach

It was chilly morning but the forecast was promising. We were looking forward to a fine day with a light breeze.

I had walked the dogs and after donning layer upon layer of clothing, I left the house with my camera, gloves and beanie.

The drive to the stretch of Balnarring Beach where racehorses often train is easy, but negotiating the teeth rattling potholes in the car park is not.

With a 9.00am curfew in place, before horses were obliged to leave the beach, there was a great buzz of activity. Horses, riders, vehicles and floats going this way and that. Such a contrast to most other times of day, particularly during the off season when the car park is often empty and the surrounds peaceful.

I looked out at the sea, so calm and beautiful and began my trek through the dunes (taking numerous photos), all the while trying not to spook any of the horses.

Limited edition prints of 'Waiting' are available here.

Limited edition prints of 'Waiting' are available here.

I had almost reached the entrance to the beach itself when the sight of a beautiful horse rolling in the sand (legs flying every which way) stopped me in my tracks. I laughed in delight, watching as a mini sand storm erupted when the horse stood up.

I imagine this was the equine equivalent of thorough back scratch and the look of relaxed contentment on his face suggested he  delighted in the whole exercise.

This wonderful animal made my day that morning and later became the subject of my pastel painting 'Waiting.'