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Oil and Pastel

A Brief History of Pastel Art Prints

During some of my more peaceful moments, I had often felt something was missing in my life. Mind you, I had no idea just what it was.

Over the years I had turned my hand to a variety of things. I studied horticulture and photography, I wrote some poetry and while attending a creative writing class I set about composing my first (still unfinished) novel.

Some time later, I started playing the guitar and kept myself busy creating clothing and knitwear designs – although to be fair I was never much of a knitter or seamstress.

In 2002 I relocated to the Mornington Peninsula - a move that sparked the desire to find a new creative outlet. At first I settled on ‘Pottery’ but having made a number of enquiries about classes I couldn’t find anything to suit.

A few years later, I was driving along a very pretty stretch near Merricks when I passed a sign hoisted by the side of the road.

It read ‘Art Classes – Oil and Pastel.’

It was a watershed moment and immediately I had a strong sense that I had found my vocation.

I slammed on the brakes, spitting gravel in all directions, as I veered to the side of the road and wrote down the phone number.