Pastel Wall Art of Animals

Beautiful wall art to decorate your home or office

If you are an animal lover, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful pastel wall art painted by our award winning artists.

Each print captures the unique personality and character of its subject, whether it is a simple house cat, a magnificent thoroughbred racehorse or a wild tiger.

Paintings of animals make an excellent gift for a loved one or a unique and colourful addition to anyone's home or office.

Some of the animal paintings presented at Pastel Art Prints include works by Emily Holsman, who often visits nearby Balnarring Beach, where any number of racehorse trainers bring their charges in the early mornings. Many a beautiful thoroughbred can be seen exercising on the sand or wading through the shallows, just as the sun appears over the horizon, caressing the waters of Victoria’s Westernport Bay.

All of the art prints on our web site have been painted with pastels, helping to achieve a one-of-a-kind softness that simply cannot be replicated with other mediums. We have a range of animal paintings available at Pastel Art Prints, ranging from horses and elephants to more domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats.

No matter where your specific tastes may lie, you are sure to find a painting that will look wonderful in your own home or office - one that will blend with your existing decor beautifully.

We hope you can take the time to browse our selection of animal wall art today and find an image that is perfect for you or someone you love.