The History of Pastel Art Prints

 Limited edition prints of Emily Holsman's 'One Fine Day' are available  here .

Limited edition prints of Emily Holsman's 'One Fine Day' are available here.


It all started when...

I called into a small cafe in Hastings one day and ordered a take-away coffee. 

While I was waiting, I noticed a small box on the counter that displayed a range of greeting cards, featuring the work of a ‘local artist.’ 

I browsed through them and was transfixed by the beautiful images they presented. Each one of the pastel paintings they reproduced was as delightful, charming and exquisite as the next. 

I gave the cafe owner my telephone number, asking her to pass it on to the artist in question. 

Soon after, I had a call from Emily Holsman and we met for a coffee in Balnarring Beach. 

Emily explained that she had been painting with pastels for several years and that she made a modest living, reproducing some of her pictures on a range of greeting cards that she printed herself and distributed amongst a handful of local retailers. 

I thought that her work deserved a much wider audience and that people the world over should have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful pastel art she creates. 

Since then I have been lucky enough to meet Linda Finch and Kate Collins; two wonderful and talented artists who have agreed to join the Pastel Art Prints family.

I envy them their talent and am immensely grateful that they have given me the opportunity to showcase their work on this web site.

I hope you will be as delighted by their pastel paintings as I continue to be.


Richard Harrison                                                                                                                   Pastel Art Prints